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Who We Are

The Center for Uyghur Studies (CUS) is a non-profit organization founded in Virginia, United States in December 2020. CUS combines academic research and human rights advocacy and is focused on Uyghur related studies and activities. It conducts various studies on the history, culture and political life of the Uyghurs, excavating historical heritage and developing it on the basis of scientific inheritance. CUS also works to educate the public about the situation of the Uyghurs and other peoples of East Turkistan through research and advocacy. It carries out research and publishes studies and reports to advise on strategic policy recommendations for governments, international organizations and interfaith entities, all through the lens of Uyghur perspective.


Our Mission

To study Uyghur history, culture, politics and promote Uyghur literary works and historic figures to the world; To raise awareness of the Uyghur genocide and other political, cultural, economic, social, and environmental crises happening in East Turkistan using comprehensive researches and studies; To engage in academic activities and provide governments, international organizations, interfaith entities, and other related entities with research reports and policy recommendations on East Turkistan; To study new ways and strategies to promote a healthy development of the East Turkistan cause and conditions of the Uyghur people. 


Our Goal

The Center for Uyghur Studies aims to advance the national existence of the Uyghur people through academic as well as advocacy activities and raise awareness of China’s genocide and crimes in East Turkistan among the Muslim as well as the global community. In addition to promoting unity and education among the Uyghur people and strengthening the East Turkistan cause, CUS also aims to examine the way the Chinese Communist Party exerts economic and political pressure on the Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims living in East Turkistan. Furthermore, the center will shed light on the CCP’s activities in both Central Asian and other Muslim-majority countries, and the economic, social, and environmental consequences of their policies in those regions.


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