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Today is the 13th anniversary of the July 5th Urumchi massacre. We did not forget & will not forget. We are here in front of the UN headquarters in New York, calling on the international community to step up on their efforts to stop the #UyghurGenocide!

@RushanAbbas In remembrance of the #UrumchiMassacre & to protest against #UyghurGenocide, CFU & @CUyghurstudy are marching from UN HQ to the Chinese Mission to the UN.

Today, July 5, marks 13 years since the #UrumqiMassacre, a major event that marked both a shift in the Chinese regime’s policies in #EastTurkistan and an awakening for the #UyghurMuslims


“According to Xi, camps are necessary and should continue for a long time to educate the people of #EastTurkistan from the correct Perspective” writes @AHakimIdris #ChinasWaronIslam #UyghurGenocide

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Uyghur Genocide in East Turkistan

In a 2019 documentary, a Chinese Police officer in East Turkistan described the situation Uyghurs face in the following words: “What human right? They’re not seen as a human being to have a right.”

China's War On Islam
Uyghur Genocide
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